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Welcome to Beetle Bank Social Farm...


We are a sustainable not for profit organisation that supports people living with dementia and other long term health conditions. Our aim is to provide an opportunity to be outdoors and to spend a meaningful day involved in the running of a farm in Murton, York. You can read more about who we are and what we do on the Our Story page.




Our work includes helping out and keeping active by looking after the farm animals, plants and other necessary jobs around the farm. These activities are great for wellbeing and a sense of purpose. We also take plenty of rests and have a good time!

You can find out more about joining us on our Dementia page.









"We like being helpful however we can.... It's summit to do and I enjoy it”

(Brian, group member)

“I love it. That’s why I like coming here, its easy. When you get there you know what you’re doing” (Andy, group member)

“He feels useful again...being out in the fresh air and doing physical work, like you’re actually working” (family carer).

"Being outside in the open is valuable and actually working and being physically active is a key thing about the opportunity." (Social Worker, York)



         Some onions, leeks and rosemary growing in one of our raised beds



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    our Vision, Mission,
    Values statement

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