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Cognitive Rehabilitation

What is cognitive rehabilitation? 

GREAT Cognitive Rehabilitation is an evidence-based programme from the United Kingdom, developed specifically to enable people with mild and moderate dementia, and their family/care supporters.


It is based on many years of research and has been recommended for people with dementia and their families in the NICE guidelines and by the MSNAP.

You can read more about GREAT Cognitive Rehabilitation here



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Therapy sessions 

GREAT Cognitive Rehabilitation provides an individual problem-solving approach to enabling people living with dementia to function at the best level possible, remain engaged, and manage everyday activities. It uses evidence-based rehabilitation strategies to address the impact of cognitive impairments in the areas where people with dementia themselves want to manage better.

Therapy sessions are carried out in the persons home with a care partner if available.

The process takes between 6 - 8 weeks with a practitioner visiting once a week. There is also often practice work to do in between visits.


The aim of therapy is to help identify meaningful goals to work towards achieving. Here are a selection of goals people have chosen before: 

I will.... or I will be able to...


• make and receive calls using my mobile phone

• recall my grandchildren’s names

• turn the gas cooker off after use

• find my way to my bedroom in my care home

• set the programmes on the dishwasher on my own

• knit a blanket following a pattern

• take my medication without being prompted

• do the shopping on my own

• remember the names of the people at my bowls club

• keep track of what I’ve done during the day

• keep track of my appointments

• find my keys when I need them

If you are interested in the therapy sessions you can read more in the flyer below

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Funding for York

'Beetle Bank Social Farm has been awarded funding by the National lottery to deliver a small number of cognitive rehabilitation therapy sessions and workshops. More details below. 

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My Life, MY Goals Workshops

We are running two workshops during the funding period to introduce people with dementia and their family care partners to the excellent self help resource: My Life, MY Goals. To see and download the resource click the link here:

These workshops have now finished and showed promising results. We are looking into additional funding to help make this approach accessible to others.

Keep a look out or make contact

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