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Our Story...

Beetle Bank Social Farm has been up and running since 2017. It was founded by Justin Mazzotta with support from Andy and Brian and other people living with dementia. We have worked together to create a structure to our days which has a balance of work, rest and banter!

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Andy                                            Justin                                              Brian
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Hi my name is Nigel and I have been diagnosed with vascular dementia. I have been appointed Co-Director of Beetle Bank Social Farm. My rove is to assist Justin in helping deal with activities the group are involved with and also direct the group when it comes to gardening and try to advise on what materials are needed to help our plants grow. With yours and Justin's help, we will have a long and happy journey.

Best wishes, Nigel. 

Beetle Bank Social Farm was created because of the need for services based outdoors. Traditional types of care such as day centres don’t suit everyone. We offer an opportunity for people with dementia and other needs to come together and participate in the running of a working farm. Here we can maintain personal value and a positive status.

Evaluation of service user involvement

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“We are a small group of people work well together” (Brian, group member)

“In a way we’re very lucky. We’re doing this, we’re doing that” (Peter, group member)

‘I like being active, I like having things to do’ (Keith, group member)

"It gets me out of house and gives me a chance to meet people. Also gives me a chance to learn how to cope with my illness by observing other people" (Nigel, Director and group member)

Read our commissioning case study below. This is a case study involving Mary Thompson, a Social Worker in York who has referred people into our service.


An evaluation of service user involvement


                  An evaluation of

                  service user involvement

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