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"What can I say about this service, it is priceless!! Not just time out for me as a carer but that it offers John a purposeful and meaningful day...... rather than sitting in a Day care setting. He absolutely loves it, being outside, helping and being seen as useful, so valuable!” (Sylvia - family carer)



You can donate to Beetle Bank Social Farm via PayPal by clicking the button below:





Thank you for supporting Beetle Bank Social Farm

Although we are a sustainable service, donations make a difference and every penny goes towards improving our services.

Corporate support

If your business is looking for a community organisation to support then do consider making us your charitable organisation of the year, which can of course form a part of your corporate social responsibility.


Examples of what donations can be used for

£5.00 pays for activity resources for one day at the farm

£22.50 pays for a volunteers criminal records check

£45.00 pays for a replacement wheelbarrow

£150.00 pays for a bench to create places to rest around

the farm.

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